School Improvement Plan

Annually school produces a ‘School Improvement Plan’. The purpose of the plan is to explain the main developments which will take place in school during the year. The aim of the plan is to continue to raise standards of education for all children in school. To identify what needs to be done the School Improvement Plan uses all the data collected through on going assessments and monitoring during the year. Once the data has been analysed, key areas for development are identified and action plans are agreed and implemented.

Some of the data used to help identify areas which require improvement include:- Pupil assessment data; Feedback from staff in the form of an annual audit ; Subject Leader evaluation and monitoring feedback; pupil questionnaires; parent questionnaires; monitoring of the quality of teaching, talking to children and looking at the work they produce.

Please find below a summary of the key developments which will take place in school this academic year. A full copy of the school development can be found in school.